Like most business owners I suffer from the "bright shiny object syndrome" and can be pulled in many directions with many projects. The work Gary and I did in laying out a strategic plan for the business has been invaluable in defining a systematic way to go about defining my businesses vision, mission and goals. The benefit has been the ability to much more quickly assess new opportunities and see if it would be a good fit or not. I highly recommend Gary to any business owner looking to get another level of clarity in their business!


Gary's approach to building my business plan was a great experience. Gary opened my mind to looking at my business in a different light, for which in turn my plan has already exceeded my vision in a lot of areas. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone starting a business to contact Gary for a consultation.

Nick Caruso, Property Manager TCP Management

Nick Caruso

For the past two months Gary Cerantola has been providing services to AWARE Simcoe toward the creation of a corporate strategic plan for our citizens' group. This process began by bringing together our board members and other partner groups to review our group's vision and mission and assess our corporate and personal values. Gary facilitated identifying, prioritizing and methods of achieving AWARE Simcoe's Goals and Objectives and he will be facilitating the assembly of our final Corporate Strategic Plan.
Gary's role has been to guide our members through this process in two facilitated workshops to date as well as compile and assemble information via email connection. He has demonstrated excellent group facilitation skills and an expert knowledge of the process of creating a corporate strategic plan. He has been a pleasure to work with and I don't hesitate to recommend his services.

Sandy Agnew, Policy Committee Chair, AWARE Simcoe

As a successful business person of over 40 years in the sales and marketing of highly technical and innovative medical and research systems across Canada, I have had opportunities to view many presentations from facilitator analysts and specialists, each with their own view and perspective. As you can appreciate in our rapidly changing times, the need to stay atop and be successful is very critical in a very competitive market.
Recently, I was included to be part of an important Strategic Planning Process for AWARE Simcoe as a valued partner through our organization, the Nottawasaga Steelheaders, an angling and conservation group, of which I have presided over during the past 15 years. This process was led by Gary Cerantola of Critel Professional Services. During of each of our past two sessions, the key to his understanding and appreciation of AWARE Simcoe’s passionate vision was evident through the focus and engagement of the audience including myself. Upon conclusion there was a very profound and positive sense of accomplishment and heightened enthusiasm for our group going forward. Over my many years of experience with innovative processes and seemingly never ending approaches to analyses, Gary definitely provides a unique, refreshing and stimulating approach. He is very sensitive and aware of his audience’s needs. This has been accomplished by a strong and varied breadth of experience in his field together with a strong commitment to make a comfortable fit. His professionalism is successfully implemented with a personable style. He is also able to adapt to unusual situations, something which does occur in the real world and with varied audiences and individuals.
I highly endorse and recommend Gary.

Gary Christie, President, Nottawasaga Steelheaders

I contacted Gary feeling very desperate and overwhelmed with my business plan. First impression left me feeling confident and feeling like I could go ahead with my plan. Gary is extremely thorough and efficient. Developing my business plan with flair and fact.
Thank you Gary, I couldn't have done it without you.

Ingrid Morris, Owner Cornelia's European Deli


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