Critel Business Knowledge Maps Framework ©

Critel introduces its Critel Business Knowledge Maps Framework © as another tool in its approach to Educate Facilitate and Coach our clients to success.

For the last 15 years Critel has been utilizing a selective array of planning framework techniques, custom designed planning worksheets and templates, critical thinking measures, team building applications, total quality management and performance management frameworks to help clients solve problems and to coach and train their employees.

“Power grows out of ORGANIZED KNOWLEDGE, but, mind you, it “grows out of it” through application and use!”  ― Napoleon Hill, THE LAW OF SUCCESS  

Critel introduces an innovative way to take the mystery out of critical thinking by designing maps for business people as they deploy the tools, techniques and templates Critel uses and leaves behind once your project is completed.   Critel Business Knowledge Maps © are just another tool to support its business philosophy of “Educate, Facilitate and Coach” as the client learns and continues to effectively apply and use Critel tools, techniques and templates.

Critel Business Knowledge Maps © are designed to help the user understand applied business concepts and the What’s and the Why’s of using Critel tools, techniques and templates.

Below is an example used in Critel’s Persistence Business Knowledge Map © that is used in the Perpetuate stage of the Critel 7P Business Coaching Framework.

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Critel Professional Services Vision Statement

Critel drives thinking from what critical elements are uniquely important to our customers, creating meaningful results through meaningful thinking technology.

Critel Professional Services Mission Statement

Providing solutions-based Business Coaching, Training, Facilitation and Planning Services that focus on client growth as well as their business growth.

Why Choose Us – Critel Professional Services

We will tailor our consulting services to your needs.  Plain and Simple.

Critel Professional Services brings decades of consulting experience in business start-up, business planning, business leadership, and hands-on operations and management experience to address your challenges.   You won’t find business help that targets small to medium sized businesses with a deeper understanding of the impact of business owner values to drive and improve a business.  No matter what your organization, corporate culture, small or large number of employee size or situation, chances are we’ve seen similar problems and helped others work through them.

We start by talking with you about your situation and your needs and your personal goals.   We then draw on our experience and our portfolio of services to help customize the right solution for you and provide the coaching required to achieve the expected results.  We work alongside you and your team every step of the way to help you create your solution, your way.

Small Group Facilitation using Audience Response Technology

Critel’s New Offering: Small Group Facilitation using Audience Response Technology:


Critel ARS Facilitation Services


·       Want more member engagement during strategic planning and business planning sessions?

·       Want more participant engagement when problem solving business and organizational issues in small groups?

·       Want more rich dialogue and buy-in across your group?

·       Want more focus on critical thinking?

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Critel brings a fresh approach to problem solving, systems thinking and using mental models to help people develop solutions.

Our problem solving and issue development facilitation services concentrate on obtaining commitment from all participants, narrowing the focus, selecting the options and confirming the action steps.


Critel can facilitate a group of up to 15 participants using Audience Response Keypads to Augment the Facilitation of Small Group Dialogue.

Audience response systems (ARS) offer significant advantages to group problem solving dynamics.  They allow dialogue focused meetings to become more engaging, inclusive, and democratic.

Critel uses ARS capability in different ways at various phases of the flow of a dialogue process. By instantly displaying a graphical display of individuals’ responses to multiple-choice questions, participants become aware of the diversity of opinions, experiences, and perspectives in the room. The displayed results create a shared and somewhat objective picture of the diversity of the group mind that is less subject to interpretation than a summary created by a participant or facilitator. This accelerates productively the purpose of group dialogue, which is grappling with the causes and implications of the internal diversity in the perspectives of the participants.

Critel utilizes ARS to allow each participant to know their opinion counts equally and productively shift the attention of every participant to the group’s collective mind.”

Critel’s ARS problem solving approach helps participants share stories, ideas and opinions creating a collaborative, educational and unforgettable experience.

Download pdf: Audience Response Small Group Facilitation Offering