Strategic Planning Consulting Facilitation Services

Do you want a Strategic Plan? Or do you want a set of strategic choices that you’ve invested in that will affect meaningful change and produce the results you need? 

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Strategic Planning Consulting Facilitation Services

At Critel, we work closely with you in a collaborative way to understand your values, your goals and vision, and then help you build the plan.   We guide you through our vast series of tried and true Critel tools and worksheets as you develop your strategic plan your way with the help you need creating a plan you will “own” and have the confidence it will drive the results you want.

Our style of educating and coaching over the planning process is what provides the added value our clients enjoy as they learn how critical thinking makes them focus on what’s important and how to get results.

We conduct a values based approach and insist that your core value statements are clear, aligned and congruent such that the organization’s overall strategic intent is designed without any foundational discrepancies that could surface when critical strategic decisions are being made.

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How we do it

We provide insights on knowing who you are as an organization and what will work for you, your business and your customers.

We create a plan that enables your people passion and suits your business personality. That makes it doable.

We provide you with insights on how to evaluate your market and your constituents.

We identify the critical success factors in your market and for your service business.

We show you how to rank the issues you are facing within your business and how to set your priorities

We get to the specifics and show you how to develop a Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives and Measurable Tactics

We show you how to develop a simple strategy canvas so you can make your offerings unique in the footprint you are working in

We show you how to create a critical few set of measurements to guide success and growth in your business. “What gets measured gets done”

We have the process, templates and forms to make planning easy and repeatable.

About Us

Critel works closely with our clients to understand their strengths and challenges.  We specialize in pinpointing areas that need focused attention leading to a congruent approach from knowledge to strategy to execution to measurable results

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Senior Consultant:

Gary Cerantola, P.Eng., MBA, ACCUD with 30+ years of business experience in management, consulting, strategic planning, facilitation and business teaching at university and college levels and in industrial settings.

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