Business Planning:

  • Industry overview
  • Market Opportunity
  • Customers
  • Competition
  • Value Propositionshutterstock_62287657-01
  • Values
  • Products and Services
  • Strategy
  • Business Model
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Operations
  • Management & Staff
  • Financial Projections
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators and Dashboard
  • Support Materials



We work closely with you in a collaborative way to understand your values, your goals and vision, and then help you build the plan.

We guide you through our vast series of tried and true Critel tools and worksheets as you develop your plan your way with the help you need creating a plan you will “own” and have the confidence it will drive the results you want.

Our style of educating and coaching over the planning process is what provides the added value our clients enjoy as they learn how critical thinking makes them focus on what’s important and how to get results.


  • Clearly define the purpose of your organization
  • Establish realistic goals and objectives that map to your core values, mission and vision of your company
  • Understanding of what is mission critical for your company
  • Clearly defined priorities
  • A sense of ownership of the plan.
  • Awareness of the needs for transformation through change management as well as tools for plan execution.
  • A path to consensus and alignment


We do business plans, strategic plans, marketing plans.  That’s  what we do.  We facilitate critical thinking to produce your plan your way.

Affordable Business Planning.  We educate, coach and facilitate to help build your plan, your way.  Competitive rates.  You take away a critical thinking experience, insight into your business and the industry and fully understand how to build competitive advantage through your value proposition, strategy and business model.  Small and medium sized businesses are clearly focused on results.  They have limited resources and must execute effectively to thrive. The comments that come up time and time again are: “Why do I need to plan?  Things change so fast.”, “I can’t afford the cost of producing a business plan and really… how will it help me?” Put critical thinking to work as you leverage your every effort to drive towards the business results that are important to you personally and for your company.   Critel helps you focus on Strategy and what it takes to win.  Let us show you how to plan for your business with purpose, win and grow your business.  Then we will help you stay on track.  What gets measured gets done.  We will show you how to develop a dashboard of key performance measures that you can track to keep you on your “A” Game as you work towards your vision.


Gary has been working on strategic plans since 1990. He has participated in inter-corporate scenario planning exercises. He was part of an inter-corporate futures group for two years following and analyzing trends. Gary has taught strategic management at university graduate and undergraduate levels. Gary was responsible for the strategic planning process of an 8$B telecom company from board and holding company level down through all the strategic business units. He has worked on strategic plans in the non-profit sector and for many social organizations.   He also led a TQM team and Organizational Effectiveness and change management group and took part in a large corporate transformation of a large telecom company.


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