Our Advantage

At Critel, we   excel   at   facilitating   our   clients   to   generate   their   own   solutions,   creating   alignment,   buy-in   and commitment  to  follow  through,  measure  and  implement  the  results  and  deliverables  that  are  meaningful  to the  client’s  organization.     Critel’s  name  comes from  addressing  the  critical  elements  (Critical Elements) of decision making required  for  an  enterprise  to  succeed  while  facing  ever  increasing challenges.  We introduce critical thinking to our clients and coach and educate them at all key points along the process.  We essentially work ourselves out of your organization and leave you with the capabilities and tools to continue to work towards your vision.  Critel draws from its network of associates to provide the right capabilities, experience and skills required  to  meet  the  scale  and  scope  of  the  client’s  requirements.    Critel  is  a  “hands-on” professional  services  provider  whereby  the  team  selected  to  do  the  job  is  the  team  that  does  the  work providing full dedication to the client’s requirements.  You are receiving full value for your dollars delivered from seasoned experienced professionals.

Our Advantage

Issues Change….Values Endure

A shared values framework is a platform that can enable transformation. For these reasons, Critel introduces a values approach to build a strong foundation to help your organization sustain positive growth.   We provide you with the tools that bring meaning through critical thinking methods while emphasizing strategic intent to achieve a sustainable approach to solving the problem. Critel introduces its “Layer Cake Approach” supported by a beliefs and values foundation which starts with a values survey and transforms into a set of value statements that characterize what the espoused values mean to our clients, their partners, their clients and their key stakeholders.

In a nutshell, Critel takes its client through creative steps that envision possibilities and generate energy to create meaningful solutions that generate leadership accountability and cultivate acceptance and ownership throughout the organization. Critel engages participants to explore concepts and approaches that are congruent with an organization’s vision, mission, values and its natural personality to result in “Made In House” solutions that engender shared ownership and commitment extending right through to execution.

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