Code of Business Conduct

As trusted advisors, our clients look to us to protect their interests with unquestionable integrity.  Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is designed to help us meet this expectation. Your success is our business and we value your trust that we will continually strive to earn.  Critel’s reputation relates directly to our individual commitment to professional responsibility, as well as, to professional excellence. Direct and honest communications and behavior are critical to the success of our firm.   We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, independent judgment, expert advice and accountability. We are a values driven organization and walk the talk.


The foundations of our corporate culture are reflected in our Company values:


We provide our clients with tested, knowledgeable and timely services.


We conduct ourselves with the highest degree of social, environmental and ethical responsibility.


We apply reason-based thinking to develop sustainable solutions that are needed in our world of ever-increasing complexity and interdependence.


We care for the personal and professional growth of our people and of our clients.


We create a learning environment that fosters innovation.


We bring education as an integral part of our services to our clients in all of the work that we do.