About Us

Critel Professional Services:

The Company:

Critel Professional Services (Critel) is a unique management consulting, coaching, facilitation and training company based in Ontario since 2011 that has served clients across Canada. Combining critical thinking principles, academic teaching experience and broad experience across sales, marketing, operations, corporate planning, training, quality, business process improvement, change management, project management, organizational effectiveness, facilitation, values technology, and leadership, Critel collaborates with clients to design and develop their own in-house solutions tailored to the natural personality of the client’s business.

Critel Vision Statement

Critel drives thinking from the critical elements that are uniquely important to our customers.  Meaningful results through meaningful thinking technology.


Critel Mission Statement

Providing solutions-based Coaching, Training, Facilitation and Planning Services for business that focus on client personal growth as well as the client’s business growth.

The foundations of our corporate culture are reflected in our Company core values:


We provide our clients with tested, knowledgeable and timely services.


We conduct ourselves with the highest degree of social, environmental and ethical responsibility.


We apply reason-based thinking to develop sustainable solutions that are needed in our world of ever-increasing complexity and interdependence.


We care for the personal and professional growth of our people and of our clients.


We create a learning environment that fosters innovation.


We bring education as an integral part of our services to our clients in all of the work that we do.

Our Approach:

We will tailor our consulting services to your needs. Plain and Simple.

Critel Professional Services brings decades of consulting experience in business start-up, business planning, business leadership, and hands on operations and management to address your challenges.   You won’t find business help that targets small to medium sized businesses with a deeper understanding of the impact of business owner values to drive and improve a business. No matter what your organization, corporate culture, small or large number of employee size or situation, chances are we’ve seen similar problems and helped others work through them.

We start by talking with you about your situation and your needs and your personal goals.   We then draw on our experience and our portfolio of services to customize the right solution for you and provide you the coaching and education required to achieve the expected results.

Gary Cerantola’s consulting, academic and management experience and hands-on expertise in strategic, business and operational planning, marketing, sales, start-up, business process improvement, organizational effectiveness, change management, project management and familiarity in working with small and medium sized businesses provides him with the skill sets essential to leading challenging projects and guiding your organization to the business outcomes that will make you successful.


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