Get Ready for 2017 – Have Your Best Year Ever

Join Gary Cerantola at the Clever Office 7:00 pm December 15, 2016 for a FREE 60 Minute Presentation on how to have the Best Year Ever in 2017 

Clever Office: Unit 220, 1 First Street, Collingwood, Ontario

Contact the Clever Office at 705 532-1144 or email us at to reserve your spot.

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Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever – Attend this FREE Keynote Presentation


2017 Your Best Year Ever! – FREE 60 Minute KEYNOTE PRESENTATION

This dynamic and motivational presentation experience is like switching on a light.  You can use these practical insights to accomplish better results immediately!  Just imagine if you were able to beat procrastination, meet the challenge of change and achieve breakthroughs in performance and achievement!  If this were true, you would find your “A” game and would out-think, out-work and out-class the competition. The result – more customers, better productivity, more profit and your best year ever in life and business!  You’re sure to gain a great deal from this FREE presentation

5 Reasons Why You Will Benefit

From This Powerful Message

About Beating Procrastination

Practical Insights Into

Why People Fail

And How You Can Be 100% Certain To Hit Your Goals in 2017… Guaranteed!

1. You can expect your performance to improve as a result of this Keynote. Many have experienced this.

2. You’ll get focused on the top priorities for effective personal and business growth in 2017.

3. You’ll discover how to maintain consistent positive action.

4. You’ll learn how to do the most important thing at the most appropriate time in the most effective way.

5. You’ll be better able to turn your individual ‘potential’ into potent, profitable action!

There are 4 specific reasons why people procrastinate. You’ll discover what these are along with the formula for getting done what has to be done at work and at home. This is not an ‘airy fairy’ message in any way! Instead, this is a pragmatic, structured and to-the-point system for taking more action and getting things done in life. You’ll learn how to take action without stress or other common pitfalls that cause people to fail. This will be the best 60 minutes you have ever spent discovering the secrets to beating the failure cycle, overcoming procrastination, focusing your thinking and empowering yourself to win this year!

Gary Cerantola, P.Eng., MBA. ACCUD                                                                                Gary_Cerantola_May2014

Gary has a proven history of working with Business Owners, Managers and individuals to help them accomplish more, grow revenue, improve profits and boost productivity. Gary is an experienced business leader, business executive, quality practitioner, group facilitator, educator, keynote presenter and one on one coach. He has a detailed working knowledge of the leadership and communication skills which will influence people to follow your lead willingly. Whether it’s leading a team, managing difficult behaviour, selling a product/service, or having your best year ever, Gary provides unique and practical insights into how to improve your results.  Gary has helped many business owners in the Collingwood area to build their business plans and teaches business courses for Georgian College having also taught for Phoenix and Meritus Universities.

Here’s What People have been saying:

“A different way of altering my reality or a different way to consider how I can control my reality”

̴ Stefanie McManus

“It was a reinforcement of my beliefs and actions.”    Bob Milthorpe

I learned taking the smaller steps to reach your goal is better than to just leap.  Everything you discussed tonight made so much sense.”    Laura

“Gary explained in great detail, the opportunity of taking charge of your life and gaining great personal success.  Great Job – Thank You.”     David Cubitt, President Wasaga Beach Brewing Company

“I really enjoyed and absorbed all of the material. I was really struck with the failure cycle and feel I am on a much better state of mind to tackle it when it comes up.”    Ross Burley

“Point made gave me a new perspective of looking at goals and how to achieve them.  Starts with emotions and continues through reality.”    Harold Zukerman

“I like the term “Preferred Reality Conditioning”.”    Janet Auty Carlisle