Introduction To Critel Professional Services

1.0 Company Profile – Critel Professional Services

The Company:

Critel Professional Services (Critel) is a unique business coaching, facilitation, training and management consulting, company based in Ontario that has served clients in Ontario and Alberta, Canada.


We Educate – Train – Team and Coach as we Facilitate


Combining critical thinking principles, academic teaching experience in business and broad experience across business start-ups, sales, marketing, production and operations, strategic and business planning, training, quality, business process improvement, change management, facilitation, values technology, and leadership, Critel collaborates with clients to design and develop their own in-house solutions tailored to the natural personality of the client’s business At the end of the process our clients can work on their own with the use of Critel’s tried and true frameworks, templates and worksheets.

We start with the people who have the key responsibilities to produce results for the business; owner, manager, and through the use of core values survey and analysis and social profiles we ensure any business process or plan developed for their enterprise aligns with “owner” purpose, passion and clarity that serves strategic intent and the strategies adopted by the organization.

We   excel at facilitating for our clients, generating their own solutions, creating alignment, buy-in and commitment to follow-through, measure and implement results and deliverables that are meaningful to the client’s organization.  The principal of Critel is Gary Cerantola, Professional Engineer, MBA, ACCUD.  We work with your team and on your team as we help your organization develop solutions.  Critel’s name comes from addressing the “Critical” CRIT– “Elements” EL required for an enterprise to succeed while facing ever increasing challenges.

No work is too small or too large. Critel draws from its network of associates to provide the right capabilities, experience and skills of its professionals required to meet the scale and scope of the client’s requirements.  Critel is a hands-on professional services provider whereby the team selected to do the job is the team that does the work bringing the right experience and skills to the job and providing full senior practitioner dedication to the client’s requirements.

Critel has developed many business plans for small to large businesses dealing with start-ups, expansions, growth and company reviews.  Critel developed a strategic plan for a start-up radiant heat boiler manufacturer in Calgary and developed their North American Marketing Roll-out plan.

What we do is create Critel Business Knowledge Maps that can be specific to your client needs in order to orient and train you the client and your employees.


Our Approach:

Critel starts with the entrepreneur herself and helps her understand who she is and helps her understand how to not only work “In” the business but “On” the business.

It is no secret that organizations that ask the better questions are far more successful in the business arena.  Critel will structure the client’s solution plan in a way that helps them ask the better questions and find the right answers utilizing Critel’s portfolio of tried and true facilitation frameworks, tools, templates and worksheets helping clients create solutions that address the root causes and the core of the problem.  In particular, Critel has developed templates and worksheets to develop the client’s value proposition, strategy and business model.  Using a Treacy & Wiersema value discipline model to develop the value proposition, Critel helps set the context for developing strategy and executing on the business model.

With any transformation project that Critel takes on, our professionals will help our clients focus on awareness and understanding, cultivate acceptance and generate support, genuinely creating a positive belief system as the foundation for alignment, team, and what it takes to achieve your vision.

Critel Planning Framework

Critel Strategic Framework



Issues Change… Values Endure

A shared values framework is a more effective platform that can enable transformation. For these reasons, Critel introduces a values approach to build a strong foundation for change while providing tools that bring meaning through critical thinking methods while also emphasizing strategic intent to achieve a sustainable approach to solving the problem.

Critel introduces its Layer Cake Approach supported by a beliefs and values foundation which starts with a values survey and transforms into a set of value statements that characterize what the espoused values mean to our clients, their partners, their business, their clients and their key stakeholders.  In a nutshell, Critel takes its client through creative steps that envision possibilities and generate energy to create meaningful solutions also creating leadership accountability and cultivating acceptance and ownership by the organization. Critel engages participants to explore concepts and approaches that are congruent with an organization’s vision, mission, core values and its natural personality to result in Made-In-House” solutions that engender shared ownership and commitment extending right through to execution.


Sounds Complicated?

We make it simple and use tools appropriate to the level of the work we do. We adjust our approach to bring the right effort and cost to small, medium and large jobs.  Let’s start with a conversation and you will be amazed at what Critel can do for you as it brings management technology to your organization at affordable prices.

Gary Cerantola

Project Lead, Research, Facilitation & Strategic Planning Lead, Strategy Facilitation, Project and Performance Management, Training and Coaching

Gary Cerantola BSc. Honours, P.Eng. MBA, ACCUD

Principal of Critel Professional Services, Mr. Cerantola is a professional engineer, MBA and Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director (University of Dalhousie and the Credit Union Institute of Canada).  Mr. Cerantola, President of Critel Professional Services brings an engaging facilitation style shaped from years of corporate experience and refined as a result of working with business owners and 11 years of teaching college, under graduate and graduate business courses.   He has taught over 25 different business courses at the college level, (Georgian College) and undergraduate and graduate university levels at Phoenix and Meritus Universities.

Mr. Cerantola also has a background in corporate sales, marketing, market research and market development.  He has consulted in the areas of business planning, management, strategic planning, strategic issues resolution, and sustainability planning, operations planning in the telecommunications and electric power industries and for small and medium businesses including non-profit organizations and has helped entrepreneurs build their business plans.


Download pdf An Introduction to Critel Professional Services

The Road to Success – Routines, Rituals and Repetitions

Routines Rituals Repetitions

Forget the BEHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) for a minute and don’t think practice makes perfect.  Think practice makes permanent.

You start by understanding that our will power is finite.  It’s  like any other muscle we have and as we use it, it depletes, so it will only take you so far in achieving your goal.  You can build willpower if you exercise it in a deliberate manner.  You also must maintain your willpower reserves so you can use this power when you really need it.

Ever wonder why most people can’t keep new year’s resolutions?  They rely solely on will power and eventually succumb to their primal desires.  Bad habit triggers constantly bombard us until they ultimately wear down the will power down that we have.  Ultimately, we capitulate and fall back into our old ways.

Whether we know it or not, 40% of our behaviours are habits

When we take our conscious thinking off the brain gas pedal we slip into subconscious autopilot.  Whatever habits you have engrained in your brain at the time is where your subconscious takes you.  Basically, our brains are lazy and they like to run on auto pilot so they can manage other things.

So, what to do?

Success comes from compounding the effects of the little things that most people think are inconsequential and just don’t do.

Take a look at Gretzky.  Wayne Gretzky would always tuck in the right side of his jersey. This started when he was six years old playing minor hockey in the ten-year old division. Because Wayne was so small, and the jerseys were so big on him, he’d tuck in the right side of his jersey to compensate. He then kept doing it for the remainder of his hockey career.  Superstition or science? I’d say science. High performance athletes, leaders, business people use rituals to put them in a higher state of performance.

Some researchers determine that rituals help us get into a state of deliberate practice, or help us get into deep work.

Rituals, are almost always patterns developed by an external source, and adopted for reasons that might have nothing to do with decision making. Whereas, habits are behaviors that are self-generated. A habit is a decision that someone makes at some point, and then stops making but continues doing.

At the end of the day, when you are creating a goal you want to achieve, make sure it fits with who you are and what’s important to you (your core values).  Next, think about how you can break it down into doable small chunks making it easier for the willpower reserves you have built to execute on your goal.  Then make sure you develop supporting rituals and habits that you will do just automatically through your subconscious.  This will build willpower reserves and enable you to leverage the willpower you do have to get things done.   You want to get into a steady rhythm of daily accomplishment that you can create for yourself.  William James the father of psychology was quoted as saying: “Little by little you build your power”

Then you take that little stuff and let it grow every day as Jeff Olson talks about in his book “The Slight Edge”.  Jeff went from a beach bum to a millionaire building on his little things.  Also, remember this.  “Catch yourself thinking.”  Basically 90% of our thinking is stuck in the past.  Your only point of power is in the now, so replace those old thoughts with thoughts that will help support goals that will create the successful future state you desire.

Gary Cerantola is a YB12 Business Coach and Business Advisor for Critel Professional Services,


Setting Business Goals 101 – Revisited


 “If you build it, they will come.” That line may have worked for Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams, but such advice can prove disastrous for creating goals for your business plan.  Matter of fact, most people set the wrong goals right from the start.  It is no wonder that 92% of people who set goals fail.  Yet, you can consult with Doctor Google and find a gazillion articles on how to help you set goals.  So, what gives?  Why is all this great advice not working?

Here’s the secret sauce in setting goals.  Instead of brainstorming, people need to take a brain science approach.  The answer is found in a simple word called alignment.

Alignment is all about the power of thought based on who you are, what you know and how it cuts across all facets of the planning process.  Power is organized and directed knowledge.  You use brain science to initiate and brain science to execute.  It starts with clearly defined intention.  This intention is aligned with who you are and what your business is all about.  It is carried out and sustained through the adaptation of success habits.  Success habits are managed by conscious thought.

Here’s a few clues.  Decisions are made based on core values.  Many business people are utterly unaware of what core values they inherently possess.  In some cases, they possess conflicting core values that create competition across the goals they set.   This muddles the business plan playing field right from the start.   The next important thing to realize is we human beings have lazy brains.  Forty percent of our actions are in the form of habit that is driven by our subconscious.  This means that as soon as we take our conscious thinking off the thought gas pedal, we are on subconscious auto pilot.   Habits that we have formed, good or bad, take over and drive our business plan activities whether we know it or not.

Here’s the solution.  Know what is important to you as a business owner and manager.  Understand what your top core values are for you and your business and in what order of importance.  Then, clearly understand what you intend to do and clearly understand why you want to do it.  This gives you purpose.  It’s no secret that all successful people clearly know why they are doing their business.  People don’t buy what you do.  They buy why you do it.

You can only get real focus in your business if you align your beliefs, your mission, your goals and strategy with a resolved mindset and use mind mastery to make it happen. In the words of Napoleon Hill; conceive, believe, achieve.  To create impact, you must chunk your goals down to doable bite sized activities to realize how you are going to actually get it done while giving you the confidence to get it done.  The last effort is to focus on keystone success habits to incorporate the right practices and activities that align with your intentions that will make you successful.  At the end of it all, what gets measured gets done.  You need to live, breathe and impact the key performance measures that address the critical success factors of your business and your industry.

Bottom line, align all the forces available to you and your business, and, in the process… always “catch yourself thinking”.  Use the power of thought to get you where you want to go.


Critel Business Knowledge Maps Framework ©

Critel introduces its Critel Business Knowledge Maps Framework © as another tool in its approach to Educate Facilitate and Coach our clients to success.

For the last 15 years Critel has been utilizing a selective array of planning framework techniques, custom designed planning worksheets and templates, critical thinking measures, team building applications, total quality management and performance management frameworks to help clients solve problems and to coach and train their employees.

“Power grows out of ORGANIZED KNOWLEDGE, but, mind you, it “grows out of it” through application and use!”  ― Napoleon Hill, THE LAW OF SUCCESS  

Critel introduces an innovative way to take the mystery out of critical thinking by designing maps for business people as they deploy the tools, techniques and templates Critel uses and leaves behind once your project is completed.   Critel Business Knowledge Maps © are just another tool to support its business philosophy of “Educate, Facilitate and Coach” as the client learns and continues to effectively apply and use Critel tools, techniques and templates.

Critel Business Knowledge Maps © are designed to help the user understand applied business concepts and the What’s and the Why’s of using Critel tools, techniques and templates.

Below is an example used in Critel’s Persistence Business Knowledge Map © that is used in the Perpetuate stage of the Critel 7P Business Coaching Framework.

For more information, please contact Gary Cerantola at


Critel Professional Services Vision Statement

Critel drives thinking from what critical elements are uniquely important to our customers, creating meaningful results through meaningful thinking technology.

Critel Professional Services Mission Statement

Providing solutions-based Business Coaching, Training, Facilitation and Planning Services that focus on client growth as well as their business growth.

Why Choose Us – Critel Professional Services

We will tailor our consulting services to your needs.  Plain and Simple.

Critel Professional Services brings decades of consulting experience in business start-up, business planning, business leadership, and hands-on operations and management experience to address your challenges.   You won’t find business help that targets small to medium sized businesses with a deeper understanding of the impact of business owner values to drive and improve a business.  No matter what your organization, corporate culture, small or large number of employee size or situation, chances are we’ve seen similar problems and helped others work through them.

We start by talking with you about your situation and your needs and your personal goals.   We then draw on our experience and our portfolio of services to help customize the right solution for you and provide the coaching required to achieve the expected results.  We work alongside you and your team every step of the way to help you create your solution, your way.

Small Group Facilitation using Audience Response Technology

Critel’s New Offering: Small Group Facilitation using Audience Response Technology:


Critel ARS Facilitation Services


·       Want more member engagement during strategic planning and business planning sessions?

·       Want more participant engagement when problem solving business and organizational issues in small groups?

·       Want more rich dialogue and buy-in across your group?

·       Want more focus on critical thinking?

      Contact Critel at:      

Critel brings a fresh approach to problem solving, systems thinking and using mental models to help people develop solutions.

Our problem solving and issue development facilitation services concentrate on obtaining commitment from all participants, narrowing the focus, selecting the options and confirming the action steps.


Critel can facilitate a group of up to 15 participants using Audience Response Keypads to Augment the Facilitation of Small Group Dialogue.

Audience response systems (ARS) offer significant advantages to group problem solving dynamics.  They allow dialogue focused meetings to become more engaging, inclusive, and democratic.

Critel uses ARS capability in different ways at various phases of the flow of a dialogue process. By instantly displaying a graphical display of individuals’ responses to multiple-choice questions, participants become aware of the diversity of opinions, experiences, and perspectives in the room. The displayed results create a shared and somewhat objective picture of the diversity of the group mind that is less subject to interpretation than a summary created by a participant or facilitator. This accelerates productively the purpose of group dialogue, which is grappling with the causes and implications of the internal diversity in the perspectives of the participants.

Critel utilizes ARS to allow each participant to know their opinion counts equally and productively shift the attention of every participant to the group’s collective mind.”

Critel’s ARS problem solving approach helps participants share stories, ideas and opinions creating a collaborative, educational and unforgettable experience.

Download pdf: Audience Response Small Group Facilitation Offering


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Gary Cerantola, P.Eng., MBA. ACCUD                                                                                Gary_Cerantola_May2014

Gary has a proven history of working with Business Owners, Managers and individuals to help them accomplish more, grow revenue, improve profits and boost productivity. Gary is an experienced business leader, business executive, quality practitioner, group facilitator, educator, keynote presenter and one on one coach. He has a detailed working knowledge of the leadership and communication skills which will influence people to follow your lead willingly. Whether it’s leading a team, managing difficult behaviour, selling a product/service, or having your best year ever, Gary provides unique and practical insights into how to improve your results.  Gary has helped many business owners in the Collingwood area to build their business plans and teaches business courses for Georgian College having also taught for Phoenix and Meritus Universities.

Here’s What People have been saying:

“A different way of altering my reality or a different way to consider how I can control my reality”

̴ Stefanie McManus

“It was a reinforcement of my beliefs and actions.”    Bob Milthorpe

I learned taking the smaller steps to reach your goal is better than to just leap.  Everything you discussed tonight made so much sense.”    Laura

“Gary explained in great detail, the opportunity of taking charge of your life and gaining great personal success.  Great Job – Thank You.”     David Cubitt, President Wasaga Beach Brewing Company

“I really enjoyed and absorbed all of the material. I was really struck with the failure cycle and feel I am on a much better state of mind to tackle it when it comes up.”    Ross Burley

“Point made gave me a new perspective of looking at goals and how to achieve them.  Starts with emotions and continues through reality.”    Harold Zukerman

“I like the term “Preferred Reality Conditioning”.”    Janet Auty Carlisle 

YB12 Keynote Presentation Comments Aug 25th, 2016

Here’s what some attendees said at the August 25th FREE YB12 Keynote Presentation – 50-minute Presentation on “How to Have Your Best Year Ever!” 

YB12LogoCritelR12_29_14_LogoGary_Cerantola_May2014          Clever Office


“A different way of altering my reality or a different way to consider how I can control my reality”

̴ Stefanie McManus

“It was a reinforcement of my beliefs and actions.”   ̴ Bob Milthorpe

I learned taking the smaller steps to reach your goal is better than to just leap.  Everything you discussed tonight made so much sense.”   ̴ Laura

“Gary explained in great detail, the opportunity of taking charge of your life and gaining great personal success.  Great Job – Thank You.”    ̴ David Cubitt, President Wasaga Beach Brewing Company

“I really enjoyed and absorbed all of the material. I was really struck with the failure cycle and feel I am on a much better state of mind to tackle it when it comes up.”   ̴ Ross Burley

“Point made gave me a new perspective of looking at goals and how to achieve them.  Starts with emotions and continues through reality.”   ̴ Harold Zukerman

“I like the term “Preferred Reality Conditioning”.”   ̴ Janet Auty Carlisle


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